24/7 security monitoring to protect 29,000 people using Emcor Custom Consoles

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Challenge-Solution Profile:
24/7 security monitoring to protect 29,000 people

Emcor created a custom-made console system for a university’s security operations center that required ergonomic and fluid work spaces and specialized racks to house, cool and protect data equipment in tight spaces.

The most important goal of this project – create the space and protect the equipment that serves as the hub for protecting students, faculty and staff.

Business Challenge:


Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is a dynamic research and education institution located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. NSU must keep its 25,000 students and over 4,000 staff and faculty safe across its nine (9) locations spread along the eastern seaboard and in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

NSU’s Security Operations Center must have the ability across all campuses, on a 24-hours a day, 7-day a week basis to:

  • answer emergency and non-emergency calls
  • radio dispatch
  • monitor live video
  • conduct video investigations
  • monitor and control the system that grants students and faculty access to buildings
  • utilize radio over IP and IP intercom systems
  • utilize the university emergency notification system
  • utilize department email to alert faculty and students of emergencies.

Logistics Challenge:

The NSU Security Operations Center communication operators must access several consoles and modules in an office with space constraints. Each operator must work ergonomically without needing to move about to access the various telephone, computer, radio, and video components that provide the information they need.

Due to the critical nature of the security system, guaranteeing up time is paramount. This means the solution must be housed in a specialized rack that not only provides the needed access in a tight office space, but it must cool the equipment, handle necessary weight loads and protect cables from being pulled or causing harm to operators working together closely.

Emcor’s Solution:

The NSU team spoke with multiple vendors and, upon finding the right solution, brought in the Crenlo Emcor team to help configure the office space and create the right layout and environment to house all of the equipment in an aesthetic and safe way.


The Emcor team provided a detailed computer aided design (CAD) drawing of the space NSU was able to use. With these drawings, the NSU team went so far as to create cut-outs of the desks and other equipment to lay out the space and verify everything would fit together.

The Emcor solution is able to house all of the various components in an attractive way that dissipates heat from equipment, stores and manages all of the cables, and handles weight loads—all while providing operators easy access to equipment needed to efficiently perform their duties.

Cobalt Cab Video
Crenlo Enclosure Video