Welding / Metal Finishing

Crenlo Process Engineers take great pride in designing and developing the most efficient welding processes for our customer’s products. By designing and building our own production weld fixtures, we can maximize efficiencies during new product start-up phases and assure the highest product quality throughout the life of your program. Superior weld capacity is provided by multiple robotic weld cells, in combination with over 200 wire fed arc weld stations and a variety of resistance welders. Lean manufacturing techniques incorporate “in line” metal finishing processes to maximize manufacturing efficiency. 

  • ABB robotic welders – 500 amp capacity.
  • Motoman robotic welders – 500 amp capacity.
  • Resistance welders – 200 KVA capacity
  • More than 200 Gas shielded arc welding machines – 650 amp capacity.
  • Overhead conveyor systems – a pre-paint conveyor system delivers units from welding to the paint line or an overhead storage area.

The overhead conveyor and storage systems have a power and free accumulating feature, which is monitored by a Programmable Logic Controller. 

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