Q: Can I submit my resume even if there is not an open position for what I am interested in?
A: Our current policy is that we will only accept resumes for current open positions.

Q: How do I know that you have received my resume?
A: You will receive an automated email that your resume has been received. Applicants should only apply once for openings.

Q: How do I know what positions are open?
A: A list of current openings can be found here.

Q: How do I know where I am in the hiring process?
A: We will contact you if we are interested in discussing your background with you further or to schedule an interview. We will not always contact all candidates that apply for a position.

Q: How long are jobs posted on the website?
A: Jobs will remain on the website until they are filled. Some positions may remain on the website for several months because we have several openings we are trying to fill or there may be other internal situations which may cause a delay in the position being filled.

Q: What is Crenlo’s applicant policy?
A: As a government contractor, Crenlo is required under EEOC guidelines to have an Affirmative Action Plan. As part of that plan Crenlo is required to survey applicants for their race and gender. In addition, resumes will only be accepted when there is an open or listed position. All applicants must specify the position for which they are applying. Applicants may not indicate “any position”. Resumes for an open and/or listed position will be accepted until the position is filled or closed. All resumes received after the position has been filled will be considered inactive. Please submit resumes electronically via our website. Unsolicited resumes will not be considered. All unsolicited resumes will be discarded upon receipt.

Q: What is Crenlo’s HR Privacy Disclaimer?
A: Download the HR Privacy Disclaimer

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