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Functional Test Fixtures – Getting the Enclosure Right


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Ergonomics, Equipment and Floor Space, Seismic, Power … and more. 

As a QA Functional Tester your job is to ensure circuit defects are flagged as early as possible and are well documented. You must emulate the environment where the product is expected to operate. You are the last phase on the production line – responsible for communicating status to the team as it pertains to the project release schedule. 

One problem, the tool you are using – your current test fixture – is not the right tool for the job. You have done your research and can’t seem to find anything that will address your issues without blowing your budget. 

We have good news for you; Emcor helps customers solve problems like this every day.

  • If we can’t find an exact solution for your fixture using our catalog components, we will modify our products to fit your needs.
  • If your requirements need a completely custom solution, our skilled design team is on hand to work with you to create it.
  • We will manufacture your enclosure in our plant—right here in the USA.
  • Our products are guaranteed to protect your test equipment; even in the harshest environments 

Read more about some of the issues our customers have brought to us – and how we have helped provide solutions. 

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Catching up with Richard Grant, Designer and Engineer at Emcor Enclosures


Emcor Enclosures designs and builds metal enclosures for sensitive electronics. Based in Rochester, MN, Emcor serves a variety of markets, including: security, government, test/measurement, aerospace, energy, and data communications (IT and data centers).


We recently had a chance to speak with Richard Grant, a designer and engineer on Emcor’s data center enclosure team.

Q: Can you tell us a little about what goes into building racks and cabinets for data centers?
RG: There are a variety of different rack/cabinet products (server cabinets, wall mount cabinets, switch cabinets, open frame racks, etc) that can be used for, or in conjunction with, a data center. Each one has something unique about the design/build. The underlying theme is that they need to protect the equipment they are housing and they need to be strong. They also need to accommodate the customer’s unique situation.

Q: You mentioned that you make them strong. Can you tell us a little more about that?
RG: Sure. Electronics and their components can get heavy and sometimes they need to be mounted on a wall to conserve space. That means they need to be sturdy! We use 14-gauge cold-rolled steel (you know, the same stuff in the Ford commercials). They are tough—able to handle 200 lbs. of load. In fact, we are getting ready to test our new wall mount cabinet for up to 500 lbs.

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Emcor’s New Protector Series Datacom Server Cabinets Featured at 2016 BICSI Winter Conference

Rochester, MN – January 27, 2016. Emcor Enclosures, a business unit of Crenlo, will display its datacom, IT and networking operations solutions at the 2016 BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida, February 1-3, 2016. Emcor will debut its Protector™ Series server cabinets and wall mounts as well as its popular Guardian™ Series and hot aisle/cold aisle containment solutions.

EmcorProtectorSeriesServerCabinet    EmcorProtectorSeriesWallMountCabinet

The Protector™ Series of server cabinets provide a reliable to way to keep data and electronics safe. The cabinets deliver superior ventilation and integrated cable and power management—the three biggest challenges for space-constrained data centers.

The wall-mount version is available with both “swing-out” and “fixed” functionality and offers a variety of sizes and depths to accommodate equipment and fit tight spaces. Removable side panels on the racks allow administrators to access systems as needed.

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See Emcor’s Datacom Cabinet & Rack Solutions at BCISI 2016, February 1-3, 2016 in Orlando, FL


Stop by and see us at BCISI in booth 1233!

BCISI is the premier event for information and communications technology (ICT) professionals to expand their industry knowledge, technical base and to network with other industry professionals. The show runs January 31-February 4. See us in the exhibit hall during these dates and times.

We are excited to debut our new Protector™ Series of server cabinets and wall mounts at BCISI. The solutions provide a reliable way to keep data and equipment SAFE and solve the biggest data center enclosure challenges by offering:

  • Outstanding overall system ventilation (74%!)
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Power Management

We’ll also be showing our premier Guardian™ Series enclosures and famous, patent-pending “1-N-Hung” wall mount cabinet installation, as well as our hot aisle / cold aisle containment solutions.

Please click to visit the BCISI site and plan your visit. Also don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a time to meet us in our booth!

Don’t Forget the Power


You’ve designed a killer data center:  selected modular, expandable, easy-to-install server racks; maximized your white space; addressed cooling needs—but how are you going to supply power to your equipment and guarantee your data center has 24 / 7 uptime?

Emcor Enclosures has you covered. We partner with the industry’s best power distribution manufacturers to deliver a comprehensive power solution to meet your needs.

  • Rack and vertical mount PDUs
  • 50A to 60A capacity – all from one cord
  • Custom power strips delivered in just days
  • And more …

Emcor’s Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are famous for their dependability and quality.  And don’t worry – our PDUs won’t take up more space on your server racks. Best of all, by selecting and ordering your power solution along with your server racks, you can have the full solution customized, built, and shipped—ready to go for you upon arrival, saving you time, money and hassle.

Use our custom order form to design the power strip(s) that meet your data center needs.

Data Center Expansion: Maximize your White Space with up to 59U Racks

Data centers are now a critical part of every business.  Data needs are growing each year with no sign of slowing down. This means the amount of equipment housed in the data center too must expand to accommodate the need. But where do you put all the “stuff” when you have limited space?

As this article from the Data Center Knowledge (DCK) explores, business have three choices:  co-location, expansion or new build.

A “new build” of a data center can easily have a price tag of $1m or more—not to mention time and resources.  Additionally, many companies have privacy, security or regulatory requirements (like healthcare, financial institutions and government) that require them to keep their data in house.  For many, data center expansion is the only choice. 

But what if you can’t increase your footprint?

Go up, of course.

Emcor is the only company on the market to manufacture 52, 55 and 59U server rack enclosures (that’s up to 9 feet tall!) that are fully customizable. Our unique product line allows you to grow your data center vertically while keeping your existing footprint. For companies without height restrictions, our 59U racks can provide 28% more server space than standard 42U in the same footprint.

59U Server Cabinets

Emcor data center enclosures offer a full solution that maximizes your white space.

Not only do we help you grow your data center in your existing footprint, but we also address your cable and power management needs. Our enclosures have a thoughtful design that will properly redirect airflow to utilize your hot aisle/cold aisle set up.

And, our enclosures are fully customizable so you can design a rack that meets YOUR specific needs and not be forced to try to retrofit your equipment to an enclosure. Our design services are here to help you. 

If you need a solution fast, we can do that too. Click here to select your frame, color and component parts and we’ll assemble and ship it in just 3 days.

Click here to learn more about Emcor Enclosures. We’d love to talk about what you need, so contact us today.

Crenlo volunteers at STEM Summit hosted by the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce


On November 17, 2015 representatives from Crenlo volunteered at an event called the STEM Summit hosted by the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce.  The STEM Summit encourages middle and high school students to pursue science, technology, engineering and math careers by connecting them to business and higher educational institutions which offer STEM courses in a highly interactive, hands-on format. 

Crenlo is a “gold level” sponsor of this event that brings over 2,000 middle school students to the RCTC field house to network with area businesses people who use science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in their products or services.  Below are links to two news stories about the event:

Several Crenlo employees worked as a committee to plan and deliver Crenlo’s exhibits which included a welding simulator and laser scanner. Some photos of the simulator are below.




Emcor Guardian™ Series Data Center Products Nominated For Best New Product

Emcor Guardian™ Series Data Center Products were one of three finalists for Best New Product at the 2015 Manufacturing Awards hosted by Minnesota Business Magazine.

Crenlo - MBM Awards New Product2

The Best New Product Award is awarded to a Minnesota manufacturer that developed a new product that demonstrates uncanny creativity and ingenuity. It is awarded to a new product that excels in its design, ease of application, utility and overall satisfaction. The nomination process consisted of a 3 month period where nominations are solicited and submitted through the Minnesota Business web portal. There is an average of 200 nominations, which is narrowed down to the top five. These top five are then submitted to an external judging panel, which consists of industry experts across all professional platforms. Judges rank their top three in each category. Based on the rankings, Minnesota Business calculates the scores and solidifies the winner and two finalists to announce. Although we didn’t win the award, we are honored to be finalist. 

Crenlo Best New Product

Meet the Finalist – the Guardian™ Series Data Center Products

Guardian TM is Emcor’s premium line of data center products, comprised of server cabinetsswitch cabinets and wall mount boxes designed with product quality and durability in mind. When quality and safety are key concerns, Emcor’s GuardianTM Series product line fits the bill.




Emcor’s New Guardian Wall Mount Server Racks & Cabinets Save Time and Money

Crenlo Emcor’s new GuardianTM Series of server racks and cabinets includes a new wall mount design that will save customers time and money with easy, one-person installation.

The patent pending “1-N’ Hung Bracket” turns what has traditionally been a two-person job into a quick and easy one-person project, reducing down time and reducing installation costs. Emcor wall mount server racks and cabinets let businesses get up and running—fast.

Wall mounted server racks and cabinets preserve valuable floor space and make rack equipment easier to see and reach. Thoughtful, durable design lets contractors install enclosures in tight spaces and make terminations quickly and easily.

The design makes servers, routers, battery backups, and other devices easier to install, use, service and replace. Inspired by customer requirements, GuardianTM Series enclosures offer thermal efficiency, optimized PDU mounting, and effective cable management. They can hold any equipment that meets EIA 310-D specifications.


“Having an enclosure that one person can install saves time and money right away,” said Kevin Jackson, business development manager, Emcor. “And the benefits continue. Moving, adding and replacing equipment becomes faster and simpler as well. That means shorter service calls, greater customer satisfaction and increased profitability for service providers.”

GuardianTM Series double hinge wall mount server cabinets and racks are available in 14U, 16U, 18U, and 20U heights, with a 30″ depth; other depths available. Load rating is 325 lbs. (147 kg.)

GuardianTM Series single hinge wall mount server cabinets and racks are available in 6U, 7U, 8U, 9U, and 10U heights, with a 24″ depth. Load rating is 250 lbs. (113 kg.)

All Emcor products are manufactured in Minnesota, made to meet customer specifications, and delivered promptly. They are available through distributors or directly from the manufacturer.

About Crenlo. Based in Rochester, Minnesota, Crenlo is a leading manufacturer of consoles and enclosures under the Emcor Enclosures brand and operator cabs and rollover protective structures under the Cab Products brand. Since its first product was designed and manufactured over 60 years ago, Crenlo has become an industry-leading company, serving customers in numerous markets with long-term relationships with many of the nation’s most respected Fortune 100 companies.

24/7 security monitoring to protect 29,000 people using Emcor Custom Consoles

Challenge-Solution Profile:
24/7 security monitoring to protect 29,000 people

Emcor created a custom-made console system for a university’s security operations center that required ergonomic and fluid work spaces and specialized racks to house, cool and protect data equipment in tight spaces.

The most important goal of this project – create the space and protect the equipment that serves as the hub for protecting students, faculty and staff.

Business Challenge:


Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is a dynamic research and education institution located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. NSU must keep its 25,000 students and over 4,000 staff and faculty safe across its nine (9) locations spread along the eastern seaboard and in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

NSU’s Security Operations Center must have the ability across all campuses, on a 24-hours a day, 7-day a week basis to: Continue reading

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