Data Center Expansion: Maximize your White Space with up to 59U Racks

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Data centers are now a critical part of every business.  Data needs are growing each year with no sign of slowing down. This means the amount of equipment housed in the data center too must expand to accommodate the need. But where do you put all the “stuff” when you have limited space?

As this article from the Data Center Knowledge (DCK) explores, business have three choices:  co-location, expansion or new build.

A “new build” of a data center can easily have a price tag of $1m or more—not to mention time and resources.  Additionally, many companies have privacy, security or regulatory requirements (like healthcare, financial institutions and government) that require them to keep their data in house.  For many, data center expansion is the only choice. 

But what if you can’t increase your footprint?

Go up, of course.

Emcor is the only company on the market to manufacture 52, 55 and 59U server rack enclosures (that’s up to 9 feet tall!) that are fully customizable. Our unique product line allows you to grow your data center vertically while keeping your existing footprint. For companies without height restrictions, our 59U racks can provide 28% more server space than standard 42U in the same footprint.

59U Server Cabinets

Emcor data center enclosures offer a full solution that maximizes your white space.

Not only do we help you grow your data center in your existing footprint, but we also address your cable and power management needs. Our enclosures have a thoughtful design that will properly redirect airflow to utilize your hot aisle/cold aisle set up.

And, our enclosures are fully customizable so you can design a rack that meets YOUR specific needs and not be forced to try to retrofit your equipment to an enclosure. Our design services are here to help you. 

If you need a solution fast, we can do that too. Click here to select your frame, color and component parts and we’ll assemble and ship it in just 3 days.

Click here to learn more about Emcor Enclosures. We’d love to talk about what you need, so contact us today.

Cobalt Cab Video
Crenlo Enclosure Video