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When it comes to providing custom server cabinets solutions our clients see us as an extension of their own engineering teams, filling in their internal gaps and providing the expertise required to build better, stronger, safer, more reliable products and bring those products to market quickly and efficiently. We provide a wide range of services from design consulting services to supply chain management solutions. With over 60 years of experience to draw from we are prepared to meet any challenge. Because helping you achieve your goals is how we achieve ours!


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Custom Server Cabinets Design Services

At the heart of every great custom electronic enclosure is a fantastic design.  A design that effectively blends form and function to create a product that meets all of its functional requirements in a cost-effective and aesthetically elegant way – a design that ensures durability and performance for the life of the product.  In short, a design that takes all relevant factors into consideration.  At Crenlo our Engineering Services group offers a wide range of electronic enclosures design services to help you build the perfect product. Learn more about our Design Engineering Services here or contact us today to discuss your specific requirements. 

Supply Chain Management Services

In addition to our Manufacturing and Engineering Services Crenlo also offers a wide range of Supply Chain Management services. This aspect of our business truly enables us to provide end-to-end product lifecycle support for manufacturers in numerous industries. Not only do we support our clients by helping them design superior products that have been rigorously tested and properly certified, but now we can also help ensure that the supply chain that keeps those products moving into the marketplace is also just as effective, efficient and reliable as the products themselves. Read more about our supply chain management services here.

Custom Enclosures Manufacturing Services

Our capacity and capability to produce complex metal fabrications are integral pieces of the growth and success of your business. Manufacturing components for you makes us an extension of your business, and you in turn, a part of our success. Our business model is designed around building relationships from varied units within your business and over time, managing our mutual investments to capitalize on both of our strengths. Learn more about our manufacturing capabilities here or contact us today to discuss your specific requirements. 




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