Custom Inverter Enclosures

Inverter enclosures house the sensitive control equipment needed for transforming power from renewable energy sources such as solar pv panels or wind turbines into useable AC power on the eclectic grid. We recognize that when it comes to inverter enclosures one size does not fit all. Inverter housing must weather the elements out of doors and operate in extreme environments with a long service lifetime.  To accomplish this our custom inverter enclosures have NEMA 4 sealing in some portions and NEMA 12 in others protecting the equipment while making service and inspection simple and hassle free.

solar energy inverter enclosure


Custom Inverter Enclosures Design Considerations:

Environmental Controls

  • UL 1741
  • Air-flow and cooling
  • NEMA 3R / 4 and 12 sealing
  • E-coat anti-corrosion
  • EMI/RFI shielding
  • Snow load & Seismic considerations


Access Control

  • Integral locks
  • Safety fasteners
  • Pad-Locks
  • Internal releases

Equipment Access From Multiple Sides

  • Removable panels
  • High capacity slides
  • Weight of doors and panels
  • Human & Ergonomic Factors

Overall Footprint

  • French doors to minimize door swing
  • Locks to hold doors open in high wind


  • Lifting options for crane or helicopter
  • Forklift considerations
  • Pad/Floor tie downs
  • Leveling

Often, a inverter enclosure requires a unique custom design. In these cases, the Crenlo team can offer design services and solutions to meet the needs of any custom inverter enclosure specification, from examining current product prints to completing new product development.

At Crenlo, you can count on our expert resources and engineering capabilities to support any stage of your project, from concept to production. For more information on our capabilities click on the tabs below or download our Capabilities Brochure.

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