Electronic Equipment Racks & Enclosures

All enclosures are not created equal. A quality electronics equipment enclosure not only maintains a better appearance over time, it also does a better job of protecting the components within it; no matter what the external environment.

Our electronic equipment racks and enclosures feature an extensive selection of rack heights, widths, depths, and styles that target your specific design requirements. A variety of external and internal accessories are available to complete your design. Modified or custom designs are also available. Select from the product lines below.

Emcor Product Lines


ESQ Enclosures
• 800# Static Load Capacity  
• 19″ | 24″ | 30″ Panel Widths 
• 6U to 45U Heights 
• 4 Depths: 18 1/2″ to 30 3/4″
ESQ Catalog


G-Series Enclosures
• 2000# Static Load Capacity  
• 19″ | 24″ Panel Widths 
• 30U to 45U Heights  
• 4 Depths: 26 5/16″ to 42 1/8″
G-Series Catalog


10-Series® Enclosures
• 3500# Static Load Capacity  
• 19″ | 24″ Panel Widths 
• 15U to 45U Heights 
• 4 Depths: 26 5/16″ to 42 1/8″
10 Series Catalog


EMI/RFI Enclosures
Meets FCC Attenuation Levels
• 15U to 45U Heights
• 26 5/16″ & 31 9/16″ depths
FCC Catalog


Seismic Enclosures
Meets these Seismic Ratings
• Telcordia GR-63
White Paper

Guardian Datacom Server Cabinet.png

Datacom Enclosures
Solutions for Data Centers
• Server & Switch Cabinets
• Wall Mount Cabinets 
Datacom Brochure


Emcor Data Center Server Cabinets & Racks


Need your equipment enclosures fast?

Take advantage of Instant Emcor, the most flexible quick-ship program in the industry. You choose your frame, color and component parts. Then we assemble it for you and ship it out in just three days. Click here for more information.

Need a custom electronic enclosure?

We offer custom enclosures and design services to meet the needs of any product specification, from examining current product prints to completing new product development. You can count on our expert resources and engineering capabilities to support any stage of your project, from concept to production. For more information download our Capabilities Brochure.

Crenlo ensures conformance to high quality manufacturing standards in all elements of the fabrication process. Manufacturing processes controls are utilized from the moment raw material is received and continue through final product assembly and inspection. Dimensional accuracy is statistically audited and verified throughout the cycle with the aid of three state-of-the-art coordinated measuring machines.  All products are produced under the internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality assurance program.

Cobalt Cab Video
Crenlo Enclosure Video