GapFill™ Sheets

Fine-tuning an airflow system by keeping chilled air from escaping into places where it is not used to cool servers- such as above, below and in-between data center hardware or into hot aisles and through data center flooring- is a critical part of every efficient data center.

GapFill™compressible memory foam sheets, with a fire and chemical retardant impregnated throughout the material, is the most efficient way to eliminate airflow leaks.

You may be losing a few thousand dollars each year in electrical charges due to these “leaks” in your system. The money you spend on GapFill products comes back to you year after year through improved airflow circulation, which means lower energy bills.

  • Fills gaps between data center racks
  • UL94 Listed
  • Fire and chemical retardant impregnated throughout the material
  • Efficient and easy installation
  • Customizable to fill gaps of any size
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