Soft Containment

Soft containment systems are a cost efficient way to isolate conditioned air and control airflow between data center storage racks, while still providing access to the IT equipment. Soft containment is made up of two parts; thermal doors and thermal walls. Combine the two for effective airflow management. Each containment solution is custom built to the needs of the customer. Most products can be customized with finish, material, and upgrades.

Thermal Doors


Thermal doors are designed to go ceiling to floor at the end of the aisles. They are a more economical solution for isolating the hot from the cold air while still providing access to the storage racks. With thermal walls, thermal doors provide 360° containment between the desired racks for the best possible airflow efficiency. The overlapping 16 inch vinyl strips are hung from an aluminum track system.

Thermal doors are available in fire rated clear vinyl curtain material.


Clear View Vinyl Curtain:
NFPA 701 passed

Thermal Walls


Prevent airflow escape, eliminate cold/hot air mixing, and create an efficient data center using thermal walls. Use them above the cabinets to prevent hot air from escaping overhead or use them to create an entire floor to ceiling wall to block air from entering the aisle. The overlapping curtains range from 16 to 60 inch widths and are hung from the same aluminum track system as the thermal doors.

Choose from two curtain types:


Clear View Vinyl Curtain:
NFPA 701 passed 



Silicone Coated Fiberglass Curtain:
Meets and exceeds all of the updated NFPA 75 and 76 fire ratings for flame spread and smoke density.


A modular snap together aluminum track is hung from the ceiling. No tools are needed to attach the links to a drop ceiling. The rounded corners on the track prevent breaks in the wall where the possibility of air leakage exists. Select from two link options.

  • Standard fusible (heat activated)
  • Electronic fusible (smoke activated)


Cobalt Cab Video
Crenlo Enclosure Video