KVM Switches

What does your data center look like? Chances are; it’s a vast, complicated landscape of diverse equipment. And your challenge is to keep it up and running, 24/7, with as few complications as possible.

Emcor can help. Our KVM switches provide secure BIOS-level remote access of servers and other network devices in your server room, labs, branch offices, up to the largest enterprise data centers. They will help you increase uptime and security, enhance planning, contain costs and respond quickly to changing business needs.

Whether you are building a new Data Center from the ground up, or trying to optimize the utility of your existing technology, Emcor offers the monitoring/management tools that can help.

KVM Switch

Our KVM switches offer:

  • Flexibility – our solutions work with all the leading industry servers
  • Scalability – they grow as your needs grow
  • Usability – they’re easy to set up and use (e.g., easy to add servers and network devices or add/change administrative settings
  • Value – you get the tools you need to make the most of your limited IT budget and staff
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