Frequently Asked Questions


What are Crenlo’s payment terms? 
Crenlo’s payment terms are Net 30 days with approved credit. We also accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), wire transfer and cash in advance. 

What is Crenlo’s tax identification number? 
Crenlo’s tax identification number is 45-3183160 

What is Crenlo’s Cage Code number? 
Crenlo’s cage code is 55355 

What is Crenlo’s SIC code? 
Crenlo’s SIC code is 3499 

What is Crenlo’s Dunn and Bradstreet Number?
Crenlo’s Dunn and Bradstreet number is 10-357-0289

What is Crenlo’s Primary NAIC code? 
Crenlo’s primary NAIC code is 332439 

What is Crenlo’s FSC designation? 
Crenlo’s FSC designation is 71,257,195 

What is Crenlo’s TPIN designation? 
Crenlo’s TPIN designation is 1998F036 

What is Crenlo’s ECCN number? 
Crenlo’s ECCN number is EAR99 

What is Crenlo’s Schedule B identification? 
Crenlo’s schedule B identification number is 9403.10.0040 

What is Crenlo’s State ID? 
Crenlo’s State ID is 6300862 

What Congressional District is Crenlo in? 
Crenlo is in Congressional District MN01

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