Functional Test Fixtures – Getting the Enclosure Right

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Ergonomics, Equipment and Floor Space, Seismic, Power … and more. 

As a QA Functional Tester your job is to ensure circuit defects are flagged as early as possible and are well documented. You must emulate the environment where the product is expected to operate. You are the last phase on the production line – responsible for communicating status to the team as it pertains to the project release schedule. 

One problem, the tool you are using – your current test fixture – is not the right tool for the job. You have done your research and can’t seem to find anything that will address your issues without blowing your budget. 

We have good news for you; Emcor helps customers solve problems like this every day.

  • If we can’t find an exact solution for your fixture using our catalog components, we will modify our products to fit your needs.
  • If your requirements need a completely custom solution, our skilled design team is on hand to work with you to create it.
  • We will manufacture your enclosure in our plant—right here in the USA.
  • Our products are guaranteed to protect your test equipment; even in the harshest environments 

Read more about some of the issues our customers have brought to us – and how we have helped provide solutions. 

TMIcon01 Footprint 

Production lines use every last bit of space in order to maximize output. A testing fixture has to take up minimal space and fit in neatly on the manufacturing line. 

We offer rack enclosures that come in a variety of heights and depths, including 15U. The enclosures can be configured to accommodate different sizes of test equipment – even if some of it is not rack mounted. Sometimes the test fixture ends up being extremely large or has a unique center of gravity. We offer a variety of anti-tip solutions -even if the fixture is on casters. We integrate things like monitor arms, keyboards, and specially designed doors to keep the footprint small -instead of adding another enclosure. 

TMIcon02Ergonomics, operator interface 

Production lines often run 24 / 7, so a tester is sitting at a station for hours on end. The test fixture has to be ergonomic—and not just for one person. Operators in one part of the world might be vastly different in size from those in another part. That means you might select an enclosure at an ideal height, but you are going to need to move access points, like keyboards and monitors to fit each operator—these components need to be adjustable. Furthermore, the ON/OFF switch must be accessible. Our solutions are designed to help you meet health and safety requirements and address ergonomic issues. 

TMIcon03Functional test adaptations 

How often will you need to change your test equipment? Are you prepared for technology changes in the future? With Emcor, you have a partner who can adapt with you. 

Not only do our enclosures come in a wide variety of heights, depths, and widths; but we can add necessary features, like anti-tip, access panels, and specially designed doors to provide you access to change out components as you need – even if you need to add these items after your initial purchase. You won’t need to design an entirely new enclosure when something changes in your functional testing requirements. 

TMIcon04Seismic, Shielding, and Grounding 

Seismic: If you need to protect your electronic equipment from seismic activity, Emcor has the products and expertise to help you navigate the sometime confusing GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) and International Building Code (IBC) seismic rating standards. 

Shielding: If shielding is important in your testing application, then you have come to the right place. Emcor has designed military-grade enclosures that meet the most stringent standards and can protect your test equipment from electromagnetic interference (EMI). 

Grounding: For grounding the equipment in your test fixture, we offer a variety of copper grounding options to pre-configure with your enclosure. If ground studs are needed, we can add them anywhere that is convenient. 

TMIcon06Airflow management and cooling 

A testing application running continuously is bound to generate a lot of heat. This may vary depending on where your products are being tested and manufactured. 

Emcor’s enclosures offer a variety of airflow management accessories to meet your needs, such as single fans, vents, and blowers. When you work with us, we’ll make sure your needed accessories are built right in so your enclosure arrives ready for business. 

TMIcon05Power and Cable Management 

Emcor has one of the industry’s largest selections of power solutions—ranging from simple power strips to smart Power Distribution Units (PDUs) complete with metering and monitoring capability. Our engineers can help you determine your power needs. Then, we build your power solution right into your enclosure(s) so everything arrives integrated, ready for use. 

Likewise, we can help you manage all of the cables that will be needed for your fixture, addressing bend radii concerns as well as managing cables so as not to interfere with airflow or operator access. We will add cable management features right to your enclosure. 

We have explored just some of the options that are available for your functional test enclosure needs. We hope you will contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we can begin designing a solution today!

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